How to save my tags

I’m having the same problem. I have double checked that my files are not read only.

In my case, it shows a bunch of files with checkmarks (these have tags already), and a bunch of files with the note icon beside them (these were looked up online and don’t have proper tags?).

When I hit Save, the tags I see in explorer are not updated. Tried refreshing too of course.

Please help

The music note tracks have no files matched to them. If you have the files, you may need to manually assign them to the correct track

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I moved this to a new topic since it is not the same issue as the original topic.

The files with checkmarks have been saved and the should have been updated. If they still show old tags in Windows Explorer please make sure you are saving with ID3 v2.3, not v2.4 (configurable in Picard’s options).

@psychoadept said all about the tracks with note icons, those tracks gave no files attached, so there is nothing to save.

Help! I am new to this and seem to be having a similar issue. I highlighted all the results of my scan, but “save” is grayed out and so I can’t save. Even before when it wasn’t grayed out, I could hit it, and then when I tried to close the program, I got a message that my stuff hadn’t been saved. Thanks for being there, and for any help, in advance.