How to recover Picard settings after reinstall?

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After days and days of plug-in development and scripting, my options menu within Picard stopped opening. I’m thinking that my latest plug-in created an error there. Anyhow.
Of course I didn’t back up my scripts before it stopped working. Upon uninstall I did not check “Remove settings and data”, hoping that would be restored upon reinstall. It didn’t.
I could rewrite the script… but I’m brand new to python and the Foobar function library and the writing and tweaks I did the first time took me DAYS. I’m now on a tight deadline to organize my libraries so this in infuriating,
Does anyone know how to recover my menu settings, especially my tagger script and file naming scripts?


So I just went ahead and redid everything.
It broke again.
I realize now it happens after I use one of my custom tagger scripts.
Will report.


If the option window cannot be shown this is definitely a bug and should not happen. I know we had the issue that failing tagger script could crash the options window, but that should have been fixed quite a while back Are you using the latest version of Picard? Can you test if the latest daily build from works or also fails?

If it fails please report the issue together with the output from Help > Show Error / Debug log