How to quicky determine which tags are excluded from overwriting?

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When you want to prevent existing tags from being overwritten, you can do that -after you have looked up and loaded a matching release- by right-clicking on the tag names (bottom left panel), and select ‘add to the preserve tag list’.

But after you have set specific tag names to prevent them from being overwritten, there is no marking, or ‘greying out’ so you know if it has been excluded.
So the next time you are working on another release, you will be right-clicking several tag names again to check if they are already excluded or not.
Or quickly re-including an excluded tag is also not easy this way.

Is there a way to avoid this rather annoying exercise?


You can look in options for the complete list, but I don’t think there’s an easier way. Might be worth a ticket.

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My suggestion at might be exactly what you’re looking for :wink:

Yeah, or even something simpler like this:

I couldn’t see any response or activity on your ticket.
I have wondered before, is it useful to create tickets for such suggestions?
Is there some active ‘ticket-squad’ that looks at them and leaves some indication if it’s up for consideration at all?


It is. The ticket system is where we keep track of bugs and feature requests. If a feature request is not recorded there, you can consider it not requested at all.

There isn’t. Developers (and other interested parties) will look over tickets and see what makes sense for them, but since pretty much all Picard development is volunteer based, there’s no one who can say “you should fix that ticket and that ticket and that ticket”, it is up to the volunteer developers what they want to do. If they find PICARD-1103 (or any other ticket) interesting, they may want to try to implement it. If it’s not recorded in the ticket system, it will not get considered at all. If there are tickets you would like to see get implemented sooner, vote on them and maybe contribute some thoughts on it (but don’t just say “+1” or similar).

Thnx for explaining this Freso.
I was wondering because I have been spoiled to participate in another forum where the majority of suggestions/requests from members do get a response.
Either by some sort of discussion/brain storming with other forum members, but in many cases even from the (sole!) developer.
(who is also a ‘volunteer’)
That helps a lot in creating involvement from members to bring in new ideas, and them getting the feeling they are being heard.

The reason for me bringing this up is probably that I am not quite sure how the dynamics are working here in that respect. That’s all.

Apologies for drifting off-topic here.
I received a very nice and informative pm from another regular regarding this matter, which gave me some additional and valuable insight in this.
If a moderator feels inclined to lock this topic, please feel free to do so.

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