How to quickly check which releases I have edited recently?

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Is there any way I can quickly see which releases I have edited recently, without going through the whole edit history?

I often forget to run my files through Picard after making edits (and waiting for them to close) on MusicBrainz.

I’ve checked the API documentation and it doesn’t look like there is any way to get this information. :disappointed:

Something like this might be useful:>&conditions.7.args.0=7+days+ago&conditions.7.args.1=

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Thanks, I think that will work for me. Being able to filter out auto-edits would be nice, though.

Hmm. While I don’t think that’s possible explicitly, you could try something like “created before 7 days ago”?

Have you tried clicking the “My Open Edits” under “My Data”?

Not sure what type of software you use to manage you music files. But I like to add a new tag (mines titled Date (Re-sync on Musicbrainz)) and write the date + 8-10 days. I have a view that populates with files that I need to update when the time comes. I’m using JRiver Media Center.

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At the top of the page @reosarevok linked it says “Show me [edits] (…)”. If you click the “[edits]” you can choose to have it only show auto-edits or non-auto-edits. To filter out auto-edits, choose to only see non-auto-edits. :wink: