How to propagate "Extra title information" into tags?

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Hello, “Extra title information” on MusicBrainz web are visible in parenthases after “Release Title”. Release Title is being propagated into “album” tag, but i cant see “Extra title information” part anywhere in tags served by Picard.

How can I import “Extra title information” into Picard tagged files?

Extra info:
The target use case is: for releases “SomeTitle (Regular Edition)” and "SomeTitle (Limited Edition), both having different sets of tracks, I want Picard to tag and save tagged files to folders “SomeTitle (Regular Edition)” and "SomtTitle (Limited Edition). Parts in parenthases are “Extra title information” which I dont see in imported tags. Thus it’s impossible for me to move those files into mentioned folders.



Try using this script ind Options > Advanced > Scripting:

$set(album,$if(%_releasecomment%,%album% \(%_releasecomment%\),%album%))

This should set the disambiguation comment (which is what you referred to extra title information) as part of the album title tag, e.g. “SomeTitle (Regular Edition)” (given I have made no mistake in the script, since I mostly wrote this from memory and it is late here).

How are Deluxe/Legacy/Expanded Editions handled?

That work :smiley:. Thank You very much @outsidecontext :smiley:

Note: confused on documentation though says “Extra title information” is exactly for that. But I’ll take it. I’m happy :smile: