How to order work series when published order and chronological order are different

I just recently added my copy of The Chronicles of Narnia, and noticed that the series ordering doesn’t match the order C. S. Lewis apparently preferred (at least, according to a note on the copyright page in my copy of the book)

this brings up a question… should work series favor publication order, internal chronological order, or (if different) author-preferred order? should edition group series follow the same pattern as the work series, or be in publication order?

I know there’s probably other examples like this, possibly including the main Star Wars series? (tho those were movies before they were books)

pinging @indy133 and @Deleted_Editor_2265540, as it seems they’ve worked on the Narnia series, and might have opinions

edit: adding sources for Narnia in particular (click to zoom)

Best solutuion imo and I’ve added some so far:
Add order variants as different series, eg.:

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia (Publishing order)
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia (Chronological order)

I generally agree with the idea to have multiple series for different orders.
In case the published work fills a whole book I would use an edition (group) series for the publishing order, that is:

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia (Edition Group Series, in publishing order)
  2. The Chronicles of Narnia (Work series, in chronological order)

I understand your idea, but this is a bit tricky, if we think about it.
In most cases we only have one [work] series,eg.: Miss Marple (Series) – BookBrainz

The order almost always corresponds to the publication order.

I also think that these series relate to the content and are therefore work related (= work series).
But if we follow your suggestion, we would have to convert all of these work-series into edition-group-series. I don’t actually want to do that :slight_smile:

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this is exactly one of my ideas, two series sorted in a way that makes sense for the series type?

I say that, but I realize often (but not always) the editions are numbered, so to use publishing order for edition group series, we might need to go with manual ordering

I’d imagine in many cases, we’d need both a work series and at least one edition series, at least in the cases where the books (works) are individually published, so I don’t think we’d need to convert any series, but simply add an edition group series