How to log into MusicBrainz wiki?

I click on “Join MusicBrainz wiki”.
I enter a username and password.
Then I click on
"Create your account"
Then I get a pop-up box that says something like “Authentication required. A username and password are being requested by The site says: “Please log in using username and password ‘NOTSPAM’””.
I enter as requested. Click “OK”
“Authentication” box disappears for 0.5 seconds and then comes back blank with same request.


What exactly do you enter?

Into the form that came up after clicking “Join MusicBrainz wiki” I entered “mmirG” as a username and a password of upper and lower case letters.

Into the “Authentication Required” box I entered “mmirG” as the username and
tried both
as passwords.

I just retested using “MaryMary” as username and “lamblamb” as joining password.
Then for “Authentication Required”, I enterd MaryMary as user name and tried both;

Same outcome of 0.5 second disappearance “Authentication Required” box and then re-appearance of it blank.

This recent test is on a separate computer to the one from last night.
Just now - Firefox 46.0.1
18 hours ago - Firefox 38.8.0 (esr update channel)

In that box telling you to use NOTSPAM, enter NOTSPAM as both username and password.

That’s just an anti spam measure and not the authentication itself.


I will admit, it took me a good 10 minutes to figure that out myself. I can see now I wasn’t the only one having trouble. Perhaps the dialog box could be tweaked to better reflect that information in a less confusing manner?


Thats the ticket.
Thank you outsidecontext.

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Even as a longer time member I have problems with this when logging in from other computers that would not display this NOTSPAM instruction message (don’t remember what OS).

It’s a browser thing, not an OS thing: Chrome (and possibly, by extension, Chromium and other browsers based on this code) do not display this.


Chromium issue #544244. It seems they are actually reconsidering it by now.

(Note that, technically, Chromium is the base which is then built on for Chrome, by adding all those phone-home-to-Google features.)

I would like to make some changes on this MB wiki page:

But I can’t login/register a username and password.

Can I re-use my login for this forum? Or how exactly can I create the necessary account to change some existing MB wiki pages?

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IIRC it’s a separate login. In addition to your account details, you might get an additional login box pop up. Type “NOTSPAM” as both username and password in that box.


Exactly! Thanks a lot for your fast and perfect answer!