How to Load Saved Playlists into the Player?

Hi everyone,

I need some help with my playlists. I have saved four playlists, but I can’t figure out how to load them into my music player. Every time I want to listen to them, I end up recreating them from scratch, which is really frustrating.

Also, when I try to import playlist files, my laptop keeps rearranging the songs alphabetically, messing up the order I want.
and I’m also following this blog but its not resolve my issue.

Can anyone help me with:

Loading Playlists
Importing Files
Managing Playlists

Anything you can suggest or advise would be much appreciated!!

Thanks a lot,



Sadly, saving playlists from ListenBrainz to your own collection is rather tricky and we’re not terribly far along into supporting these features. Recreating them from scratch sucks, but may be a necessary evil for now.

What software do you use to manage your music collection?

Because the best way to solve this problem is to add support for importing LB playlists in to the tools that you are using for your own collection. We already have support Navidrome, Funkwhale and Gonic; others are adding support for this as well.

As for importing playlists into your windows player, I’m sorry, but there isn’t much I can help you with… I haven’t touched Windows in 20 years… :stuck_out_tongue: