How to limit tags

I am profoundly confused. The more I read the docs, the more confused I get.

I have a bash script that assigns the tags I need including replay gain. All I want picard to do is to add the five MusicBrainz tags without overwriting anything else. Can I do this? If so, kindly tell me how.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can.

One way is to $SET all tags you don’t want to change/update to nothing.
Or you can use $DELETE like this:
$delete(genre) will actually remove the “genre” tag from a file when saving.

Another way would be to install and use the plugin called KEEP TAGS:

This plugin let you choose what tags you want to keep (= delete all not wanted tags).
For example, if you want to keep only the title, artist, album and tracknumbers in your files, then the command would be:

BTW: There are much more then 5 MusicBrainz tags:

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