How to indicate a rerelease of some single into an album

I noticed I can give a release group the property “included in” to show it being included in yet another release group.
If a single has been re-released in an album, is this the right way to show that? An alternative I have seen was to create a new release of the same recording and add that to the album.

A downside of this is that a release has two or more albums linked to them, such as the two spotify albums on this example:

If it’s actually a re-release of the same single, now accompanied by the same recording on another album, the single should be included in both albums (RGs).
But if it the album recording is different from the one on the single (re-recorded), I would make the single just a re-release in the single’s release group.

Or do you mean, the recording was “re-released” (reused) in another album? Then the single should not be linked.

Yes to both? These are the same thing.

Same single, same recording, has been released as a single first and at a later date again aa part of an album

Recording the same, title the same, release date different, artwork (thumbnail) the same.

Then you should do it. Currently this single RG is only included in one album.