How to include/edit a music score in MusicBrainz?

Hello everyone,

we have been using MusicBrainz for storing the metadata of the releases we have been gathering for our research project (CompMusic, from MTG, Barcelona), and we have been using the MusicBrainz ID (MBID) of each release, recording, artist and work as the main means for organizing and accessing our data.

Now we have a collection of machine readable music scores, which were created from printed sources. We would like to get MBIDs also for the scores in this collection, but we don’t know how to do it.

So far we have thought of two options:

  • Edit the book from which we took a particular score as a Work, without specifying any type, edit the score we used from that book as another Work, again without any type, and establish a “part of” relationship between the two, and finally relate the score to the existing Aria worktype with the relationship “is based on”
  • Use BookBrainz for editing the scores book. The problem for this option, which seems logically the most adequate, is that it seems that so far BookBrainz doesn’t allow inputting book sections, so I wouldn’t know how to edit the single score.

So, any thoughts? Any suggestion is very much welcomed.

Thank you!

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I have a few “songbooks” (and “tune books”) that I’ve started adding, but never finished. I basically add them as work Series, using either internal number or page numbering for ordering them. See e.g.,