How to i send ONLY album art?

is there anyway to send only the art

You can not send album art from your local Picard installation directly to MusicBrainz online.

Your local Picard installation can retrieve/get album art from MusicBrainz online.

You can find instructions on “how to add/send Cover Art” here:


If you are asking how to get just new artwork for your music, then try this one: Album Art Downloader download | That handy tool grabs art from MusicBrainz and many MANY other places. And only artwork.

Probably an idea to also tick “search first” on the MusicBrainz option.

If you have lots to do, then look at File\New\File Browser menu…

You can also use the full $unset list and disable all tags except for cover art:

Personally I would recommend leaving MBID’s at least, so you can update stuff whenever you want.

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