How to handle tribute band and fun(?) cover band artists with only youtube video or facelbook link?

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I’ve stumbled upon some edits that added tribute bands and strange fun(?) cover bands with nothing other than a youtube, myspace, facebook or dead link.
Maybe there will never an official release, recording, download of their performances. With luck some audience mobile recordings.

So I’m asking myself if it is worth to add and collect database information of those? Keep them as they are, they are artists? Maybe someone adds an event? Or at least add a “tribute to” relationship? What do you think how we should handle them?

festival camping ground fun band:


Cover- / Tributebands:

Actively touring bands, even if they only play covers, should be here. They are performing artists even though they may not release actual CDs.

A bunch of pissed-up mates doing videos for YouTube maybe not need to be added. Your Messeyer example seems to drop into that category - can you even call that video “playing” instruments?

IMHO the band should have at least performed a few gigs.

Follow the link for The Thin Lizzy Experience and you see they are clearly active.

Look at Dread Zeppelin and Easy Star All-Stars - these are cover bands who do put out CDs. And are certainly here in the database. Bands like these are huge fun as they take music we love, keep it alive, and then go somewhere new with it.

Some cover bands end up existing for longer than the originals!


I have just noticed that you are specifically quoting edits by a user @lening9 . A very interesting list they have there. Do you get a feeling they may be a bit of an expert in the cover band field? I haven’t gone through it deeply, but it looks like they are maintaining various details on hundreds of cover bands. So I’m guessing they are making use of this data elsewhere, but storing it here.

Seems sensible to me. Especially if they are maintaining it. Clearly adding more than basic as I notice the country details are being added, etc.

Then notice his “collections” are based around the gigs he is planning to attend, or has attended.

He has been here over five years, and is still clearly active. Looks like an interesting project to me.

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If there is some way to identify them/any data attached (eg a link) then they meet the requirements to be in the database.

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