How to handle this particular recording with two related works?

I’m a bit stumped on how to approach relating two works to this recording.

It’s basically a cover recording of the song “Groundhog” by Noisia, but with a small excerpt from another song playing in the background during certain parts of the former.

A while ago I created a dedicated work for the recording that linked both works. But then recently I thought it might be better if it was a cover recording of both songs instead, with the “partial“ attribute on the latter song, since the recording doesn’t feature any additional lyrics or composition to qualify as a “unique“ work. But then I read this documentation page, and this caught my eye:

Examples of works that are distinct:

a mashup of multiple original works

This seems to best describe what this recording is. So should I close the edit I just made and keep the unique work I created and adjust its relationship with the original songs? The relationships I set a while back don’t really make sense looking at them now, so would having Groundhog be “arrangement“ and the other song be “musical quotation” be better? Although “arrangement“ doesn’t feel quite accurate in this case…

Any help with this is appreciated.