How to handle release containing a disc which is also part of other release?

I’ve just added Release “Friedrich Gulda spielt Beethoven” by Ludwig van Beethoven - MusicBrainz
The CD belonging to this release matches the second CD of, so it shares the same discid.
How can I attach the discid to my newly added release? In the discid tab of the second mentioned release I’m offered ‘remove’ or ‘move’ a discid, but no ‘copy’.
Or is it an completely wrong approach?
Any help greatly appreciated

It feels like the normal MB way to handle this would be to merge the two media but even that doesn’t seem like it helps much as I can’t see a way to do that with the web user interface.

ok, thanks a lot.
I’ve created a feature request for this:
(hope, that’s the right way…)

Just put your CD in Picard and then Submit Disc ID to add your CD to your new release.

That then will have the same CD correctly linked to both releases. No need to copy.

I think the idea is to only get CDs from original CD source data.


Yes thanks. I found this workaround by myself while adding another release. Could be a hurdle for a MB newbie.

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It is not much of a noobie hurdle, but it is is a way to hook them into adding more data :wink:

Most people don’t really know how to generate a number they can check without Picard anyway.

You are right. Maybe Picard could offer some more detailed information, what ‘submit disc id’ is good for, if it has already found the discid in MB.
But that’s another thing: from my point of view the Musicbrainz frontend and Picard are heavily oriented towards data structure, so typical workflows more or less have to be discovered by the users themselves.
Anyway, both are very helpful pieces of software for me :grinning:

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