How to handle partial releases of box set?

I’ve recently acquired a single disc release called “Chrono Trigger Orchestral Arrangement”. There’s no indication it’s part of a box set; it was sold as a standalone item.

While searching for the disc on MusicBrainz I came across Chrono Orchestral Arrangement, a three disc box set with a close, but different name. I had never heard of the box set before, but when looking at its details there are three discs, each with a name. The disc I have matches the name of the first disc in that box set. Unfortunately, the disc IDs aren’t available in the box set entry so I can’t tell if they’re the exact same disc. The catalog numbers, however, are different. The box set lists SQEX-10727, SQEX-10728, SQEX-10729, while the standalone release I have is SQEX-10724.

I think the history is that the box set was a limited edition release of two separate soundtracks, “Chrono Trigger Orchestral Arrangement” and “Chrono Cross Orchestral Arrangement”, with a bonus box set-only disc in it. Discs 1 & 2 are now sold separately as standalone works.

How should I handle this? On the one hand, my disc seems quite related to the box set. On the other, it’s a complete, standalone release with a different name. I’ve search the forum and the only similar case I found was related to how a historical artifact of how MusicBrainz used to track discs.



This should be a separate release and release group, but almost certainly reusing the tracklist and recordings. Just add a new release, but when you get to the Tracklist bit, do “Existing medium” and find the existing CD :slight_smile: That should also save you a lot of typing.

Once you’ve done that, attach the discID (it’s probably easier if you do this without the discID first since I’m not 100% sure what happens if you try to combine a seeded discID and the “existing medium” tool), and link the two release groups to indicate this is “included in” the bigger set.