How to handle a [2-sided] DVD-Video flippy

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I have a concert video (Les Mis 10th Anniversary) which is a DVD10 (flippy)

Should I enter it as a single DVD-Video, or two DVD-Video or perhaps us vinyl style numbering and A1, A2… B1, B2… etc?



There is no answer. A multi-layers SACD becomes multiple medium, but two sides of a Vinyl or Cassette are one medium A\B. There is no consistency on mediums.

Personally I would enter it as two DVD-Video if there is no DVD10 category.

A 2 side DVD is really like a record or a cassette, with A side and B side, no?

If you want to add all the content to MB, I think you should do like for vinyls and cassettes, as you suggested: 1 medium having A1, A2… B1, B2…


Two of the most helpful guys on here give conflicting advice :slight_smile:

My gut instinct was A/B so unless anyone gives further comment I’ll go for that


I can lend you a coin to toss?

Sounds sensible to me. Just add the DVD10 into the Annotation or Disambug somewhere. I guess these disks are not that popular or a type would have appeared for them by now.