How to get the artist name via the API for Various Artists albums?

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I just submitted a Release entry for a CD which was not found in the MusicBrainz database,
and faithfully entered all the tracks and artists for each.

I can now query that CD from the database, but the reply does not include the artist names, using the generic “Various Artists” instead.

I tried with the following https request:
which is how Clementine music player does it, but the artist names for each track are not listed in the response.

Any suggestion are welcomed!

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can you add a link to the album? so we can check it out

i don’t have time to look right now but i will later to day if no one else has helped you

I’m not using discid in my calls, I use release id and after getting some help here, came with a boilerplate call that provides most of the data that I need for a release, including your artists.

Some of the relationships do not work with disc id. Perhaps this will help you somehow till more knowledgeable folks respond.


@ nadl40
Thanks a lot!
Your example https request showed me that I just needed to add +artist-credits to my discid-based request. Then the individual artists are indeed part of the server response.

Thanks again!

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