How to get regular folksonomy tags as genres?

soo, I’ve looked through the documentation, and I can’t seem to find a conclusive answer… I’m trying to get some “regular” tags (read: non-genre folksonomy tags) and add them into the “Genre” tag.

I’ve tried adding them to the list in Options > Metadata > Genres, but they aren’t showing up. I don’t want to include all folksonomy tags, just a select few that I think would be handy groupings. I’ve tried setting the “Minimal genre usage” down to 1%, but it still didn’t pick up the tag I wanted (currently testing with meme, if that’s important).

I suppose I could turn on all tags and set up the list to exclude everything and them include all the “genres” as well as the tags I want, but that sounds like it could be a good bit of work and maintenance to keep the list up to date…

My current genre settings:

(I’ve got more tags to add, I just put a few in while I’m figuring it out)

You need to enable “Use folksonomy tags as genres”, otherwise the tags you are looking for are not even included in the list and your filters don’t apply.

But you then need to either exclude all the tags you don’t want or you exclude all (with -*) but then have to include everything again you want, including the official genre list.


that’s what I was afraid of… :sweat_smile:


just created a ticket for the functionality I’m looking for here:

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This would be mega helpful, as I also have some folksonomy tags that I like to include but don’t want all of them (e.g. continuous mix)