How to get new musicbrainz-vm?

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As I understand it, musicbrainz-server-2015-08-06.ova 9.7 GB is the current stable version for virtualbox.
a new testing version of it is server-update-2016-08-01, from
Is all this correct? It is too big to download. Can someone postal mail the new testing version to me?


You might want to tell people where you are (country only)—and also what type of media you can use (BD-R?)


@benwhe: What do you mean exactly with “too big to download”?
Do you have any limit in download size?
You could “download” it using the torrent in any bittorrent software.


I am in country USA. My monthly bandwidth limit is 1.5gb.
My hardware is cd, dvd, usb stick, usb hard drive.
If needed, I can get BD-R reader.


Are there limits? Only one giga and a half for one whole month? Really? :hushed:


One possible workaround could be to go to a public library or somewhere else with public wifi and download it there, circumventing your personal bandwidth limit.


I guess if nothing else works for you (Freso’s suggestion of public wifi sounds good—a lot of places besides libraries have it, too), I’m in the US and could mail you a BD-R. Though I’d suggest getting confirmation that those are the right files you need first.

(I guess a USB stick would be an alternative, and probably cheaper overall since you don’t have a BD reader—but untrusted USB devices seem best avoided with all the BadUSB vulnerabilities. At least a BD-R can’t be a keyboard, and you can verify the file is correct by checking the hash vs. the torrent.) Alternatively, if it were a little smaller, dual-layer DVD-R would work—and any DVD drive can read that. I guess splitting it could work.

BTW: Does the VM image already contain the DB? Or is that downloaded separately? I don’t know.


Does the VM image already contain the DB? Or is that downloaded separately? I don’t know.

One of the initial setup steps is to create the DB and populate it with the data downloaded from MB. So @benwhe will face soon the next problem: The several gigabytes of initial MB-data and the many Megabytes of data changing every hour (replication packets).


confirmation that those are the right files I need.
All I have is Debian GNU/Linux 8.5, 13 dvd set, which has main and contrib repositories.
I want everything needed to tag music files, offline, without internet connection.

In my thread “How to use Picard offline?” Fresco says I need:
recent version of Picard. the new VM server-update-2016. search server.

In my thread "How to get new musicbrainz-vm?"
derobert says I might need musicbrainz database.
InvisibleMan78 warns about updates, but I now say I do not need those.

I would also like documentation pages from internet.

benwhe and derobert discuss several media. The media does not matter to me.
I want to send a personal message to derobert. How to do?

On another subject, This thread “How to get new musicbrainz-vm?” would not be needed
if someone would answer my first post in thread “How to use Picard offline?”.
The same problem may exist in old and new versions. This method is trial and error.


What you need are:

The quick way is to download the VM that has this has the software installed and the database populated with everything configured and ready to go.
Living with a slow internet and bandwidth caps do suck, there may be ways of getting someone else t download it and hand you the file.
Do you know if there is a linux user group in a city neer you?
Do you know anyone that could download this at work and send it to you?


I’ve got to say… if you goal is just to tag music, turn off all the cover art and Picard should use very little data. Other than cover it, it should just be text it’s sending/receiving.

And if you want cover art… that’s way too big to download all of it, if Internet Archive even offers the possibility (no idea).

Have you actually confirmed Picard uses too much data? Because, honestly, setting up your own MusicBrainz instance to tag offline is, err, using a pile driver to put in a finishing nail. should have a “send email” link, which takes you to