How to get local artist names in local language? (Hebrew)

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I’m using Picard to tags my mp3 files.
I’ve marked “translate artist names to local where possible”
and selected Heberew as the local language.
However, on every scan i’m getting the artist name in Enlish ( song name - in Hebrew).
If i scan the same song via VLC( seems that they also looking in musicbrainaz database) i’m getting the Hebrew artist names.
So what am i doing wrong?


This should work if the artist has a Hebrew alias set on If not, you can add it.

Could you give an example where this did not work? Then I could test it in Picard.

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The song has allias in hebrew
here the ID:
song attaced here:

You are right. It even shows the Hebrew name if you disable the “Translate artist name” option (because the Hebrew variant is the default on MB), but as soon as you enable the translation with anything set as language it shows the Latin spelling.

I even added a Hebrew alias to the artist to see if it makes a difference, but still same behavior.

This looks like a bug, I will take a look. Thanks for reporting.


I’ve also noticed that after saving the song (UTF-8), the Hebrew filename become unreadable like this “____ _____ - ____”

So the issue is twofold:

  1. There was not Hebrew alias for this artist, hence no translation was possible. Unfortunately Picard has some fallback code: If you have translation enabled, it will always fall back to the reversed sortname. This actually is some legacy functionality from the times where Picard only had a “Translate artist names into English” option. We should get rid of it, I’m just not sure how to best do it without breaking this for a lot of users. See also PICARD-758

  2. When querying only a single recording translation is broken, because the server does not return the aliases in this case. I added a ticket for this: MBS-10428

But since I added an alias to this artist it should now work for the release case. So for you this means loading into Picard should show the Hebrew artist name.

But loading only the recording directly with translation enabled will always show the English name currently.

I think you have “Replace non-ASCII characters” enabled in Options > File Naming. You should disable this if you have titles which require Unicode encoding.


I see that for the same song, via VLC i’m getting more accurate results. For Example:


Picard -

That indeed solved the filename issue

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The two recordings in your example share the same single AcoustId and have nearly identical track lengths. Chances are high both are actually the same recording and both should be merged. If you do a AcoustId lookup none of both is “more accurate” then the other.

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