How to get AcoustId from MusicBrainz Webservice?

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I would like to include the AcoustId («Fingerprint») in the id3 tag of my song.
But I can’t find any information about fingerprints in the XML or JSON web service v2 result.

This answer from 2013 on stackoverflow from JonnyJD says

AcoustIDs are not included in the MusicBrainz database directly, so they can’t be searched using the MusicBrainz Web Service

Is this (still) true?
Can I get the AcoustId only from the 3rd party server and their AcoustID Web Service?

What about this example page? Do you get all this informations directly from AcoustID?



Yes. In fact, you get all this information directly from AcoustID – the page as served by MB only contains a script to retrieve them, so it’s all client-side.