How to fix tag manually?


So… MusicBrainz Picard Decided that this which I have in a wma file, is BlackMetal genre, while obviously, it’s Trance/Vocal Trance.
Now the question is not just How do I fix it, that’s easy, the tag editor is very useful. But, How do I fix it and make it Stick in case I re-scan it?

I’m using Picard 2.0.4 64bit with the wikidata plugin for genre info.


Guy D. (dj5000)

As a Metal listener I can confirm this is not Black Metal :smiley:

But it is not quite clear to me where Picard should get this genre from. I tried with different plugins filling the genre (“AcousticBrainz Mood-Genre”, “” and “wikidata-genre”), but for the recording below I never got any genre set.

Could it be that the genre tag was already in the file? If so manually changing the genre would be fine.

But in case you really run in such situations where you want Picard to always tag a certain recording or album with a certain genre, you could create some exceptions using scripting. E.g. the following script would always set this recording’s genre to “Trance”, “Vocal Trance”:

$setmulti(genre,$if($eq(%musicbrainz_recordingid%,bd4d9713-fdc2-4e29-a700-4985dad0d7c9),Trance; Vocal Trance,%genre%))

Or maybe always tag DJ Stigma as Trance (if this makes sense):


Thank you.

I haven’t seriously dived into the scripting language, maybe it’s time to do that.
I imagine it’ll be quite easy compared to to C#,, and PHP but… I’m kinda old and lazy :slight_smile:

By the way, my file naming script is
$if2($if($and($gt(%originalyear%,1959),$lt(%originalyear%,1970)),60s,),$if($and($gt(%originalyear%,1969),$lt(%originalyear%,1980)),70s,),$if($and($gt(%originalyear%,1979),$lt(%originalyear%,1990)),80s,),$if($and($gt(%originalyear%,1989),$lt(%originalyear%,2000)),90s,),%genre%,Genre_Undefined/)/$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/$if($ne(%albumartist%,),%album%/,)$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),CD%discnumber%,)/%artist% - %title%

And i think I messed up because … almost every file have its own folder with a multiple genre. Is there any way I can simplify the genre folder naming to one/main genre ?

now “Armin van Buuren feat. Lyrica Anderson - Gotta Be Love”
is in “G:\Music Collection\Contemporary R&B; Trance\Armin van Buuren\Embrace\CD1”
How can I just make it in “G:\Music Collection\Trance\Armin van Buuren\Embrace\CD1” ?