How to find barcodes on Bandcamp?

i was wondering if anyone has a trick to find the attached barcode on bandcamp? i was having trouble determining which digital release to add a link to.

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It varies. Sometimes it’s at the bottom of the release page. Usually, I just right click on page and go to “view page source” (windows), from there I search for UPC. You’ll find it there, if it says UPC is null in value, than it’s safe to mark that release as not having a barcode.


The import Bandcamp to MusicBrainz script makes it pop up at the bottom of the page if there’s one :+1:


Ahh, I didn’t realize it was actually the script that makes it appear sometimes there.


thank you so much!!

note for anyone curious: this worked on my phone too, just put “view-source:” before the link :slight_smile: