How to filter songs that metadata does not match acoustic?

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I would like to scan my library and find files where the metadata says it is a particular song but scouted matches it to something else. Can anyone tell me how to do the scan and then filter the results down to those songs that fit this criteria?

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You could load them into Picard and then hit the Scan button. Picard will use AcoustId to match the songs to the Metadata on MusicBrainz. It will then show a colored rectangle next to each found track that indicates how well the existing metadata of the file matches. For completely misstagged files this should be red or maybe orange.

Unfortunately you cannot sort by the match quality, but you should be able to spot the bad ones. Pro tip: Don’t load all files into Picard at once, work in batches. Try it first with a few to see how it works and increase the batches as you feel comfortable.


Hi everyone.
Is there any way to request this feature? Or to make it possible with a plugin?

It could be very better if we could save automatically the best match, checking only the orange and red ones…
Obviusly i’m talking to brawse among tousand files…