How to filter results of discID search

Hi, I’m trying to come up with a search based on discid that will give: Artist, Album title, Track Titles. I’m doing a search based on discid to get releases, and then submitting a second search request based on the release ID returned by the first search. That’s fine, but I’m getting a lot of unnecessary info returned in the first request. I could just parse it as is, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to include some kind of filter constraint. As an example I submit a discid search for:
(Marilyn Manson / Mechanical Animals)
It returns a list of 8 releases, and each of those releases lists 8 discs with different discid’s, resulting in a total 64 disc listings, all for the same artist and CD (or minor variation). Since I’ve included my actual discid in the search, I clearly don’t need information related to the other discid’s and would like to filter them out. Is this possible?

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Sorry, I think I posted in the wrong section of the forum.

In any event, I’ve resolved the problem. I’ve concluded that it’s better to have all of the available information and then parse out what I need.

Just curious, what decided your mind?


A few reasons. The most important one is that I realized that I was just being lazy, and I’d been looking for a quick and dirty solution that would require less programming on my end. After spending more time working with XPATH to parse the XML data out of the query results (I’m accessing the WS2 API), I began to appreciate that it wasn’t difficult to get what I needed from the data. If I had attempted to include some kind of filter in the query, it may have been a quick fix, but could have resulted in eliminating some data that would eventually prove useful.

Background info:
This is for a little Macintosh music player app that I decided to develop, just for fun (and partly out of frustration trying to use the latest incarnation of iTunes which seems to have a mind of its own). This project started out very simply, and as is often the case, has morphed into a bit of a monster. It’s an interesting hobby project though. It incorporates an SQLite database to catalog my audio files, my favourite audio streams, and now my CD collection.


Cool! Good luck on building your music player. If you ever open source it, you should be sure to share a link here on MetaBrainz Discourse too. :sunglasses: