How to figure out if a recording is live or not using the API

I have looked everywhere and I can’t find any information on a parameter that indicates whether a recording is live or not. The release-group it belongs to can have a “Live” secondary-type but that applies to the entire release. So for example songs like Duran Duran’s Wild Boys from Arena are studio recordings but released on a live album. I know some recordings have disambiguation but it doesn’t seem to apply to all recordings and it also seems unreliable. Thanks!


You need to include the work relationships (using the work-rels inc-parameter). The relationship to the corresponding work can contain a live attribute. You need to check the responses for details, I don’t know the exact structure from the top of my head.


Doesn’t seem to work for me, it doesn’t look like the response changes, maybe only some recordings have been tagged as live?

The recording needs to be linked to a work of course. Check the release you are testing with on the MB website and test with one that has works linked to the recordings.

If the data is not there you won’t get the information in the API of course.

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Thanks. While working on this I encountered something baffling. If I query by artist name, the score for some releases is far higher (Wild Boys again is the example, with a number of releases scored at 97) than if I query by arid (same releases scored at 91). I imagined arid to be far more precise than the artist name or am I missing something? Thanks again for helping out!