How to extract MP3 lyric tags to txt-files

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Is it possible to extract lyric tags from mp3-files to create txt-files?
Important condition: the txt-files must be named the same way as the mp3-file.
E.g. “01 - Heroes - David Bowie.mp3” -> “01 - Heroes - David Bowie.txt”
I am using Plex and it requires lyrics as txt-files. In addition the txt-files must be named exactly as the corresponding mp3-files.
Thanks in advance for any help! Maik

Using Picard, I don’t think this is possible. There are a few plug-ins to search for lyrics, but afaik these all write to tags. So if you want to do this through Picard, I think your best option might be to search for a tagger script that performs this function.

Another option would be to use Picard’s plug-ins to find lyrics and save them to tags, and then use a different program which can export these lyrics to txt, like MP3Tag.
This program lets you export the tags of your choice to the file format of your choice, and can do this in batch. You can find help and examples on their user forum, for example here.

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Picard cannot do it for now, but you can create a ticket for a feature that would save lyrics to a file (as we do for cover art for example, those can be embedded in tags, but also, optionally saved to separate files).
It shouldn’t be too hard to implement and it would be a nice complement to plugins gathering lyrics.