How to enter medleys

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I’m trying to determine how to enter medleys correctly. The specific that’s causing me problems is ‘Forrest Gump - The Soundtrack’. Track 5 on disc 2 is listed on the CD paperwork and the CD itself as ‘Medley: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In’. However, all 15 MB releases omit the ‘Medley:’ part.

If I have understood the Medley Style Proposal correctly, ‘Medley:’ should be part of the track name. What am I missing?

This proposal has been dropped and relegated to history. I would not change the current track title as it follows the guideline for multiple titles (which should probably apply to track titles too).

@yvanzo The guideline for multiple titles does apply to track titles “When a release is a re-release of two or more other releases, a track includes two or more songs, or a…” (emphasis added).

Seems like, though, if it’s printed on the release as part of the title, it should be part of the title here. And I’m guessing that “medley” there means an arrangement of the two songs, not just them being played one after the other. If so, that’s strikes me as not two titles for two two works on the track. Instead, that’s one title for one work (based on two others) named “Medley: Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In”.

Even if you did take it as two titles, presumably you’d add “(medley)” at the end as extra title information.

@ardain BTW: it’d help to link to the relevant release (just copy & paste the URL if nothing else) especially if the cover art is uploaded there.


At the top of this page it says ‘Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal’ I see no indication that the page is obsolete. I’m assuming you are referring to the label ‘History’. My mistake was to read this to mean ‘The story so far’ rather than ‘This has been consigned to history’. Thank you for putting me straight.

The guideline for multiple titles ignores the case where the track name is listed on the physical release as ‘Medley: song 1 / song 2’. Medley here is part of the track name. A database search for Recordings - ‘Medley: Aquarius,’ returns several hits of releases where the track name is reproduced as shown on the physical release. If one takes the view that MB is primarily a database, then surely 'Medley: ’ should form part of the track name if shown on the release?

Here’s the link you requested.

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I assume that History is for pages that are no longer current; still I cannot find the discussion that led to withdraw this proposal. @CallerNo6 is better placed to find/recall the context and explain the status of this proposal.

Ok, I first thought that it was not printed on it. Since both versions follow the guidelines, of course it should follow the printed version here. More important, it is correctly linked to a medley Work.

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