How to enter events for sound installations?


So. I recently visited Hamburg, and went to see Brian Eno’s sound installation at the Elbphilharmonie. I tried to add an event for it - and realised I don’t really know how to do it! I’d love to hear some suggestions.

Does it make sense to link Eno as a performer? He obviously wasn’t physically there - just his work was. But at the same time, it feels strange to just not have any link to Eno at all in the event. I guess linking to the works in the setlist would be somewhat reasonable (in this case, as far as I can tell, his whole The Ship album was played repeatedly on a multiple-speaker setup) but is that enough?

Should this have a specific “Sound Installation” event type? (or some different name for the same idea).

This is obviously not the only case of this kind of installation - there’s plenty of these and have been for ages, like the premiere setting for some of Xenakis’ works. So it would be good to have some idea how to deal with them :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t link Eno as a performer. If we want these kinds of events, we’d probably want another Artist-Event relationship for this. One of the things I like about the performer events is that you’re able to make a map-timeline of where a given artist has been. Linking them to things like sound installations would muddy this data.