How to enter a remix?

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On the following album, two mixes are released of the same recordings. There was a mix first that was not released until the re-issue, the second mix was the one that was released on LP and CD until then.

How should I mark these? They are the same works, but are they the same recordings? Technically they are, but I assume we want those as differerent entities on some level. It’s not really an edit either. So what’s the best way to enter these?


They are different recordings. Have a look a the relationships on a recording. You can setup a link to show that one Recording is a remix of another Recording.



Thanks! Learning a lot in a few days, couldn’t find this in the docs. The object structure is getting clearer now.

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MB is like an iceberg - only a small part is visible from above. The more you look into the details, the bigger and more complex it becomes. And the more you use it the more you can bring it under your control.

Most questions you can come up with someone has thought of before and implemented in some way.

The help files vary considerably. Swerving between helpful step by step videos to complex documents written by a database guru which are impenetrable to normal humans. :smiley: Ask questions and we will try and translate (but also be prepared for some of those explanations to get even more confusing :smiley: )

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