How to denote an edition as self-published?

coming over from MusicBrainz with a question…

if an edition is published by the author, (say on DeviantArt, WattPad, or even just a Google Doc), is there a special purpose publisher like [no label] over on MusicBrainz?

edit: I feel it would be best to seperate self-published items from other editions without a publisher, both on BookBrainz and MusicBrainz. I don’t have any specific book examples on hand of such an edition…


Wool is an example of a book self-published then published later with a publisher Silo (series) - Wikipedia

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I’m not aware of any publisher created for this purpose. I think the two choices would be to leave publisher empty, or create a special-purpose publisher.

I went ahead and made it~


We should really make use of the Relationships for publishers instead of the legacy dedicated field. There’s also a relevant ticket [BB-502] "Publisher" Field is redundant - MetaBrainz JIRA

As for the self-published editions - obviously an additional new relationship would be needed: [BB-480] Add missing, and improve current publisher relationships - MetaBrainz JIRA

true, that might be a good solution long-term. for now I’ll continue adding to [self-published] so they can easily be found and fixed once that relationship gets added~

that said… it might be nice to so easily find any and all self-published editions, no matter who the author is. granted, I don’t know how useful that would be to others…


Just a note of support: I have added self-published books simply without published, but I think @UltimateRiff is right, it’s better to use a special purpose publisher.