How to delete some tags in Picard in the Scripting section?

I would like to remove this tags:
MusicBrainz Album Release Country
MusicBrainz Album Status
Media Type
They will not removed using the additional $keep-function.

My attempts with versions like
doesn’t work.
Other unwanted tags will be removed with the above $keep-function.

Could please someone tell me the working syntax to remove this tags?

Do we have an overview other then this and this with a complete list of working tags and how they can be removed in Picard?

Use e.g. $delete(media). If you just use $unset(media) this will set the metadata to be empty, but by default Picard will not delete existing tags for which it does not have a value (unless you enable “delete existing tags”, which does exactly this). $delete() also unsets the tag, but in addition explicitly marks it for deletion from the file when saving.

Why another list? I think two lists are enough to maintain :smiley:


Thanks for your answer @outsidecontext.
Maybe I asked for this list :blush: while using the wrong wording “tags” instead of script commands.