How to deal with spontaneous groups in events?

So, I’ve been adding events lately and I’ve noticed that many of the events I’ve been adding included performances (mentioned in the flyers) of artists like “John Doe & Jane Doe”, with both of these artists being musicians (not necessarily having a solo career) who just got together for this event. I’ve dealt with some of these by grabbing the artist who has a career and just putting an alias which includes the other artist, but this seems rather messy.

To give a good example, last year I played a gig in which I did two performances: one with my band, and another one playing some acoustic songs by a defunct local band with my band’s drummer and the aforementioned band’s guitarist. This was almost completely impromptu and the idea came up just 3 or 4 days before the gig. How would I add this to the event’s lineup?

Personally: I add the individual musicians for event collabs like that. With a good annotation/links/disambiguation whenever possible.

Generally speaking, I don’t concern myself with how obscure or active the musician is when it comes to adding them to MB/events.

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I know the event setlist syntax is special.
Is it possible to include several artists in the same line, like for this kind of cases?

Will we get support for multiple artists in the same line-up? That’d solve problems like that, including cases of bands playing with an invited musician, like “AC/DC with Axl Rose”.

I’ve never used the setlist section of events tbh…

You’d have to check for a ticket. From my search STYLE-925 is perhaps closest?

As it stands, I wouldn’t expect perfection from the event system. I resign myself to the simple aim of having each performer linked. As said by @reosarevok on a related ticket:
"we don’t have three point relationships. So we cannot say “X was a supporting musician for Y at Z”. The best we can do is “Y was a main performer at Z” and “X was a supporting musician at Z”, separately, and set the same time for both. "

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This sounds like MBS-11215

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