How to deal with incorrect Discogs/IPI/etc. data? (Kevin Clark edition)

I added Release “Girls World” by Chartz - MusicBrainz today. has the following description of the artist:

Chartz were a short-lived Wolverhampton-based covers band who also performed original material written by founder members Bernadette (Berny) Cosgrove and Kevin Clark. During its short lifetime Chartz was a springboard for lead singer/guitarist Berny and keyboard player Kevin to showcase and develop their songs, following their originally working together to write and produce jingles.

WCR FM - Songwriters Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark select... | Facebook says that “Berny and Kevin are a Wolverhampton husband-and-wife team who’ve made their mark as Songwriters, Record Producers, Musicians, Vocal Arrangers and Recording Artists,” and that “their song ‘Crush’ was a huge worldwide hit for Jennifer Paige and featured in the hit TV series ‘Glee’”. has a photo of the couple; Google Image Search has more.

Songs written by Kevin Clark | SecondHandSongs lists “Kevin Bruce Clark” with IPI 00051563299 and two writing credits alongside Berny Cosgrove, including “Crush”. When I search for that IPI on, I get 197 co-credits alongside Berny Cosgrove. Seems like the right guy.

Kevin Clark - MusicBrainz links to that SecondHandSongs page, but the MB entity also has IPI 00160385678. When I search for that IPI on ISWCNet, I get 83 credits for “Kevin Antony Clark”. A bunch of those are with Berny Cosgrove, but there are also many with Donald Valon Weekes.

As far as I can tell, the Definition of Sound / Weekes guy is unrelated to the guy who’s married to Cosgrove. See Definition of Sound - Wikipedia and images like is even more of a disaster. It lists real name “Kevin Bruce Clark”, says the artist is in Clark, Weekes & Spencer and Definition of Sound, but then has a photo of a third Kevin Clark a.k.a. “Kevone” or “Kevin Cea” (vocalist for Bulldoze - MusicBrainz who passed away in 2022; Discogs has another page for him as Kevin Cea at

I added Kevin Clark - MusicBrainz for the Chartz/Cosgrove guy, but I’m unsure how to deal with the rest of this.

It seems like it’d be best if the Discogs page weren’t linked to any of the artists, since it’s just going to confuse other editors. Is there any way to prevent people from adding it later if I remove it?

And what should I do with IPI 00160385678, since it seems like mixes together multiple people named Kevin Clark?

(Just to mention it, I haven’t been able to find any trustworthy sources stating the actual middle names of any of these people.)


People with common names often get this happen. Disambiguations could be tweaked on all the Kevins, and yes do drop any bad discogs links. Quite common to see that.

Add a few annotations as well. Think about the next person trying to match a Kevin Clark.

It it was me, I’d also comb through the various Kevin’s and look for any cross-linked recordings\works\etc.

Fill in what you know, and maybe the next person can then expand that knowledge. Anything you can do to clean up some of the confusion is always useful.

(People with common names should be banned… :rofl:)


Yeah, that all matches my thinking. Here are my pending edits in case anyone wants to vote on them.


If you mark it as ended, would that achieve this end?

I suspect that someone in the future would just notice that the dicsogs URL still works and includes some of the artist’s releases and un-end it. :-/

I’ve gone with the annotation route for now: