How to deal with a publication with parts added over time

equivalent discussion on the MusicBrainz side here

so, I’ve got this piece of fanfiction I just added to BookBrainz.

it was published here between July and September 2013, and I wonder if it’s currently possible to capture this data in BookBrainz, besides with just a release year of 2013

how we’ve handled similar situations over on MusicBrainz is to have a new release (read “edition”) for every new part added with the date added as the release date

I don’t know if I quite like this solution, as there’s a fair bit of data duplication, and there’s not really an equivalent to “recordings” over here. there’s also no one trying to tag chapters with a release date (to my knowledge…)


Right now, I would set 2013 as the year, as you did, and note in annotation something to the effect of: “Released c. July–September 2013.” Longer term, there’s at least one issue in JIRA requesting flexibility be added to dates. It would be worth adding notes there and voting for it.