How to copy date from multiple filenames?


  1. I have about 500 old radio show files, all starting with the airdate yyyy-mm-dd i.e. 2008-06-27, 2011-02-15 and so on.
    Is there a simple way to copy the dates from the filename to the date in id3?

  2. When I load the files into MusicBrainz, the titles are all listed without the first two digits of the year, so it’s like 08-06-27.
    Is there a way to add “20” in front of all the titles?

  3. All the files have random track numbers.
    Is there a way to change the track numbers to 1-500 according to date or filename?

Might be better to use Mp3tag for that, rather than Picard.


To expand on that recommendation, Mp3tag provides filename-to-tag and tag-to-tag functions that you can choose to apply to only what needs it; Picard scripts for doing the same thing would be more complex and need to be explictly disabled before you come across something you don’t want them to apply for. Also, if you’re on Linux, Puddletag is more or less the same thing, and while I haven’t found a version for Macs, it sounds like Mp3tag might run rather well in Wine.

Mp3tag did the trick.

Thank You.