How to choose cover art from different releases

I’ve edited this post as it was obsolete, since the plugin required is now available in the list of official plugins.

Hello folks,
After seeing this post, I wanted to share a way to choose covers from a different release of an album, with different sizes and formats.

The idea is to let you open a page in the browser where with one click the selected image gets downloaded to the album’s folder. The aforementioned site is, the page for an album would look like this:

Then you can choose multiple sources for cover art, scroll and click on the one you like.


It requires the Post Tagging Actions plugin, which can now be downloaded directly from the plugins page in Picard’s settings.
Also, it requires the covit integration tool that can be downloaded here for Windows, here for Linux, or from this website: in the “integrations” tab. If you are on linux, make the downloaded file executable.

Then go to the Post Tagging Actions options page (right below “Plugins”). Click “add file” and find the covit integration tool. Then add the following to the text box:

--address --query-artist "%albumartist%" --query-album "%album%" --primary-output "%folderpath%/cover"

Click on “Wait for process to finish” then “Add action”, save and you are set.

Now when you right click on an album in the right hand pane, in “Plugins” you can find “Run actions for highlighted albums”. This will make the page open on your default browser.

If you want to embed this image to your files, in the “Cover Art” options you can give “local files” provider the highest priority. In this case, I also suggest to tick “Refresh tags after process finishes” when adding the action.

Let me know if you have issues,