How to change just one tag? / Also is there any way to move all folders/albums with specific genre to another folder?


Hello guys. Just downloaded “ plus” plugin and i want Picard to rewrite my whole music collection just one tag (gengre).

Tried the “Tags you can enter tags Picard should not overwrite” option, but i doesn’t work. I added all basic tags from Tags page ( and there are still some left that i don’t need.
And the “Keep tags” plugin seems won’t help me. I don’t really understand how to use it.

Also is there any way to use Picard or any other program to add my music collection and move all folders/albums with specific genre to another folder?

Thanks in advance.


Maybe you tell us which tags this are :wink:


Here are the tags for Picard shouldn’t owerwrite: album,albumsort,title,titlesort,work,artist,artistsort,albumartist,albumartistsort,date,originaldate,originalyear,composer,composersort,lyricist,writer,conductor,performer:instrument,remixer,arranger,producer,djmixer,mixer,label,subtitle,discsubtitle,tracknumber,totaltracks,discnumber,totaldiscs,compilation,comment:description,_rating,bpm,lyrics:description,media,catalognumber,show,showsort,podcast,podcasturl,releasestatus,releasetype,releasecountry,script,language,copyright,license,encodedby,encodersettings,gapless,barcode,isrc,asin,musicbrainz_recordingid,musicbrainz_trackid,musicbrainz_albumid,musicbrainz_artistid,musicbrainz_albumartistid,musicbrainz_releasegroupid,musicbrainz_workid,musicbrainz_trmid,musicbrainz_discid,acoustid_id,acoustid_fingerprint,musicip_puid,musicip_fingerprint,website

And the result I’m left with: totaltracks,discnumber,totaldiscs,label,albumartist,comment:description


Just btw (and a little bump for your thread as well :wink: ) I know musicbrainz ID’s look like clutter, but without them you will have a very inflexible set of files.
If in 20 years time you think “hmm actually it would be nice to have a genre and a sub genre for each file” (or someone develops an even better genre source that MB can tap into!), you’ll have to start all over again. With an MBID, change your settings in Picard, drag in the files, hit save, and you’re done.

I know it sounds like I’m pushing MB-specific tags on you, but I’ll risk it in case it saves someone a lot of work in future!
Good luck unsetting all the other tags, sorry I can’t be of more help there.