How to backup the Picard Windows Store version settings?

How to backup the settings of the Windows Store version of MusicBrainz Picard?

It doesn’t store the settings in the “Roaming” folder. There isn’t any “picard.ini” file anywhere. I can’t even access the folder where Picard is installed.

Thank you.

Go hunting into… c:\users{username}\AppData\Local\Packages\

It will be one of the folders under Packages. You’ll know when you have the right one when you spot Picard.ini

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I found it, thanks. But this should be done inside the application. The current feature in Picard goes to a folder that doesn’t exist in the Windows Store version of Picard.

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If you go to OPTIONS \ ADVANVED \ MAINTENENCE what does it show?

If that was not pointing to your App Store settings then that does sound like a bit of a bug to me.

It is a new feature so may not be fully tested with App Store editions. What does your show as a path to the config file on that page?

We have a ticket for implementing config file export / import:

The app sees a different file structure, for the app the config file is located in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\MusicBrainz, hence that’s were the button points to. That’s why the proper solution will be to implement config file export / import inside Picard and remove that button again.

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That’s exactly what happens, thanks for addressing it.

I knew they’d be on top of it. And I did kinda know about that walled garden file structure.