How to automatically lookup and tag non-album/standalone tracks

I’m running into a bit of a conundrum with Picard. I’ve tagged 90% of my library with proper album releases, and now I’m down to the last 10% of obscure, small-name artists who only release on bandcamp and Youtube.

My inclination is to add standalone recordings for the several tracks which do not appear on any sort of release or album, and have done so for a couple artists. But in Picard, I can’t find any way to have it automatically pull down the tag information for a non-album track. What’s the workflow for this?

I usually add stand-alone recordings to Picard manually (by using the green “TAGGER” icon or by simply dragging the Recording from the browser into Picard). I don’t think Picard has a way to look up stand-alones on its own.

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong then, but I only see [TAGGER] icons on releases, not standalone recordings. I didn’t know you could drag the recording link itself though, I’ll try that later.

I currently don’t know absolutely sure, but I think Picard can at least find standalone recordings for AcoustId lookups automatically (requiring an AcoustId being set of course).

But I have also mostly used the green tagger button. You can’t see it in the recording list, but only on the recording detail page. E.g.:

Actually you can pull any recording you want as a [non-album track] into Picard :slight_smile:

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Well, I’ll be… there it is. Thank you! This will make my life a lot easier with the remainder of the artists I need to add.