How to automatically create a contents list in Picard? for 45 minute compilation FLAC files with no silence between tracks?

Hi Everyone, newbie here .

How to automatically generate some metadata (A contents list of artist, title and timestamp ) for many back to back songs in one FLAC file.

I have 80 FLAC files created from reel to reel tapes from the 1960s from my Grandfather. They were manually recorded off the radio and don’t have any silence between the “tracks” . Ie One FLAC file of 45 minutes represents one side of a tape. Shazam does work but its too hard manually to do all the 40 tapes ! .

Does anyone know how I can use something like Picard to “sample” my FLAC file once a minute to identify whats on the recording to create a contents list? . I can then go through the log and de-duplicate overlapping entries.

Thanks for any ideas !

Hmm might be tricky/not possible… but someone smarter than me might have a solution :slight_smile:

Are there really no gaps between tracks at all?
If there’s some gaps you can easily use a free program like Audacity to quickly seperate the tracks. Or possibly even use a plugin to do it automatically (haven’t tested this personally btw).
Then you don’t have to mess with timestamps and the like, which honestly sounds like a long-term pain in the butt!
A nostalgic pain in the butt anyway :wink:

You could try audio cleaning lab

These are not releases so the answer is no.