How to auto populate

I am new to this. So please forgive me and point me if this is already addressed.

I am trying to figure out how I can format my music like this.
Track Number/ Song title/ Track Number /CD Title /Artist
Basically like Windows has it in a music folder. I would like to have it populate automatically if possible.

You should start reading here:

Please be aware that Windows can’t use the character “/” as part of a file name, because “/” is one of the reserved charaters like * or : or > or < or ? and some more.
Therefore you can’t name your song
01/ Song Title/ 01 /CD Title /Artist

A possible filename would be
01 - Song Title - 01 - CD Title - Artist.mp3
(whatever your reason is that you want to repeat the tracknumber)
Artist - CD Title - 01 - SongTitle.flac

For a better understanding what the windows explorer show:

#1 shows the filenames of your songs with the extension (like .mp3)
#2 shows the embedded (ID3) tags in the files


That was quick!. Don’t ask. I am a bit pickle on how the files look. BUT, you did get me to figure that out. And with that. Thank You! :ok_hand: