How to add Side A/B art on vinyl releases when a front cover isn't available?

For lots of vinyl releases, pictures of the both sides (or four, six… if it’s a multiple disc record) are available, but not the front cover. Does anyone have a script of plugin that adds those to the tracks, but only on vinyl releases, and only if a proper front cover isn’t available?

So in pseudocode basically:

IF (MEDIA TYPE == *Vinyl OR MEDIA TYPE == Cassette OR MEDIA TYPE == *Shellac OR MEDIA TYPE == *LaserDisc) AND Front cover == 0

There’s a little problem of course, since ideally I only want the fitting side added (something I’ve mentioned here New cover art category: vinyl label), but to add them all is better than nothing, I guess. I guess you could do the same script with disabling “Medium” if a front cover is found and then enable “Medium” in Picard, but this one seems more efficient.

Hey, I did not want to leave this question unanswered. But the reason that you did not receive any replies likely is because no one had a good idea how to handle this. Currently such functionality would either need to be implemented in Picard or be provided by a specialized cover art plugin.

For the cover art plugins for and TheAudioDB I had added the option to automatically fall back to the medium and use it as the front cover if there is no actual front available. Maybe that is something that would be useful for Picard in general.