How to add Radio CDs

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Hi, I have yet another doubt regarding japanese media. I have a lot of rips of DJCD or Radio CDs. Usually these are recordings of radio broadcast programs, but after reading the official style guidelines I’m in a bit of a bind because I don’t know how to add them.
First of all I don’t even know if I should add them as Broadcast because I find it impossible to follow even the YYYY-MM-DD: Program Name[ #1234][, “Program Title”] format since most of the times the CDs have a named tracklist or no tracklist at all with a missing date.
Given that I thought of adding them ass Album - Spokenword and adding the hosts as AC but I don’t know how true would that be for the release type.
Also, more often than not, these CDs also include music segments or drama segments so using the YYY-MM-DD format would also be bothersome.
I don’t know how to handle guest stars either, should I add them at release level as an AR or AC per track basis?

Perhaps I’m reading too deep into it and I should add them as spokenword?

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These are drama CD aren’t they?
They are not real broadcasts.
You can just follow the tracklist, as is, that I think is printed on them, no?

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Some of them are recordings from actual radio broadcasts where voice actors promote the series, they are more like talk shows than audio dramas, since they talk about random stuff out of character, just as themselves, but some do have audio drama segments.

But anyway you is a CD, this guideline is mostly made for immaterial releases like actual radio broadcast itself.
You can strictly follow what’s printed, simply.
Don’t change titles by adding dates or whatever stuff like that, IMO, as it’s a CD release.

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Oh, that makes sense. That’s what was bugging me, as I said I was overthinking it. I’ll follow what’s printed then, thank you!

EDIT: Then what do you think about the secondary release type? IMO spokenword should fit


Yes completely, spoken words.