How to add Original Year tag when missing?

Some releases are missing the Original Year tag – how do I add it? When the release is a soundtrack to a movie, the year of the movie’s release should be the Original Year.

For example the soundtrack to Monsignor is a 2007 release for a movie that was released in 1982, but there is no tag in Picard showing 1982. How can I amend the release so that it shows up in Picard with an Original Year tag of 1982?

Original Date doesn’t really contain the original date of the album’s release. It’s the date of the earliest release in that particular release group. If you go to the master page on Discogs (their version of our Release Group), you’ll see 3 releases from 1982. Pick one, add it to the release group, and the original date tag should get populated.


Well that’s good to know and works for Monsignor. But what if I wanted to pull a tag of the original recording date and there’s no album release on that date on Discogs or anywhere else? Is there a recording date tag?

You can set a recording date in the recording relationships. I set one on the “recording of” relationship with the work if I have documentation for it. But I don’t know if that’s accessible in Picard.

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Interesting – Alien has an Original Year of 1979 from the release group but Picard hides that field when ALAC .m4a files are loaded into the release.

Yes, because writing the original date tag to MP4 is currently unsupported.

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Well I wish recording date was accessible in Picard, because not all soundtracks are released the same year as their recording date. I consider Back to the Future a 1985 release because that’s when the movie was released but the release group only places it as far back as 1999 because I guess that’s when a full Alan Silvestri score was released and not just a token score track on the 1985 song album.

That album wasn’t officially released until 2003. I wouldn’t set the recording dates to 1985 unless I found evidence of when the recording sessions actually took place. It’s possible they were recorded in '84.

Evidence in liner notes says May 16, 1985 was the commencement of recording.

Great. It’s often hard to find that sort of info.

So I added “Recorded at” information for " The Poseidon Adventure" – how do I access the year metadata “1972” in Picard ? Would it be $left(%recorded-at-begin-date%,4) ?

Source: Mike Matessino’s wonderful liner notes again:

Or do we even have to resort to recording relationship metadata gymnastics if the Back to the Future release is linked to the Back to the Future soundtrack “work” which clearly has 1985 as a date of origin?

Do works have metadata items (like year) accessible in Picard?