How to add comic book story based album

I have the album linked below and 3 others that are similar. I am not sure what the proper way to add this is. Using the import from discogs script, it puts the artist as Batman, but that doesn’t seem right. I see other entries related to Star Trek from this same publisher, and it looks like the artist indicated there is the author of the story. There are no credited story authors here. Actually, there are no credits of which to speak at all. Any guidance is appreciated.


:laughing: Another fictional artist is conquering MB !!!

No, that’s probably correct for Discogs. I think [unknown] would fit best.

Thanks for the quick response. I would tend to agree on that. What about the title? It has no actual title listed. I have another Batman record that is like this with no clear artist/title. My thought was perhaps something like “Story 1 / Story 2 / Story 3 / Story 4”. Or maybe “Batman: Story 1 / Story 2 / Story 3 / Story 4”.

I don’t know. In this case I would title it like on Discogs: “Batman”
But if there are several of them, a way of distinguishing should be found. Maybe a subtitle like you suggested.

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If I were adding it, I personally would likely title it “Batman: Four Exciting All-New Action-Adventure Stories!” to help disambiguate it from other releases with similar names, or at least add the subtitle as the disambiguation. granted, I don’t know if they used that same subtitle on other releases, which seems quite possible to me.

edit: I just remembered there’s other release titles entered like this, such as this mouthful:

don’t know how common it is to enter it like this though.

Wow, very cool!!

If you can find who wrote the stories in the comic book that came with the album - it seems that the records are adaptations of those? So you can set the artist to the author.
If that’s not the case, then I couldn’t find anything specific to the album, and [unknown] is probably correct on MB.

For the album title I would just go with ‘Batman’ but add ‘Four Exciting All-New Action-Adventure Stories!’ as a disambiguation.

btw, as well as Discogs, these are the interesting pages I found on Power Records:
PT discography on this v. charming old-school website
PT blog (sometimes has some credit info, unfortunately the download links are dead)
DC Fandom, didn’t have a big dig but you might find some more credits on comic specific databases
This article mentions how PT wrote some of the later comics themselves (rather than adapting actual DC/Marvel etc stuff):
“Initially adapting existing comic book stories, Power Records soon started to produce original comic books to accompany the recorded performances, and utilized the talents of legendary comic artist Neal Adams’ new independent studio which he’d formed with Dick Giodarno — Continuity Associates. “It seems as though for Marvel they adapted the stories that were already done in the comics and for D.C. they mostly created their own. Pretty much all the Superman’s and the Batman’s were original. Either Power Records made them themselves or they hired Neal Adams and his Continuity Associates studio to do a lot of the stuff,” enthuses Rob. “So those DC ones look pretty much exactly like DC comics of the time, because they were done by the same sorta personnel.” “It happened from — I think — Conan,” continued Donald…”


Thanks for the suggestions. It might have helped to mention that the other Batman one I have is this:

For this one, they do list the writer, so perhaps I should use Various Artists and then list each of the writers for the artist on the tracks?

I did go and look at other listings for Power Records at Discogs and there seems to be 3 different Batman LPs, as well as several 7" records which have more distinct titles. They have all the LPs named “Batman” and it looks to me like the most consistent way to differentiate/disambiguate them would be listing the stories. All 3 of the LPs do have the stories listed on the cover.

The third one, which I don’t own is:

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That is the Audio Book \ Audio Drama way. Go have a look at something like Doctor Who which also has one character but many writers.

This is messy as most collectors would want to catalogue these under a common “Batman” artist. We have to rely on making a Series to link them.


I wonder how people would feel about ‘Various Artists’ credited as ‘Batman’ for the release artists.

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Haha - you are funny @aerozol :rofl:. There are editors out there that would lynch @bill-em if he tried that.

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That seems like a good analog. I will take a look and see if I can figure out a way to do these that is consistent.