How to add a recording?

hi. i’m new and have been adding CDs that i have that do not exist to MusicBrainz. I’ve put off working with the classical titles till i was familiar with the application/database. I’ve tried entering my first classical title and have read what i would find on classical entities. but what i have not been able to figure out or find any info on is how to “add a recording”. The entry i’m working on is:

i’m suppose to have the performer set as the recording artist and i’ve not been able to find a way to do this. i’ve only been able to find a few existing recordings that were prior releases on another cd.
links to documentation is appreciated.

Maybe this Wiki entries can help you?


ah i think it finally clicked. i was assuming when adding a release, on the recording tab, when i selected add new recording it would do it at some point WHILE i was still on that tab. but this is not the case. i just leave them blank then go into the relationship editor after and add them. This wasn’t clear to me when reading the documentation.

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welcome to the forums, mustcycle~

each track is connected to a recording. if you click a track in the list, it’ll take you to the recording page.

as an example, here’s a classical release I recently added:

…and track 1 from that release is connected to this recording:

(I will note, I’m also new to classical editing tho~) :melting_face:

…I see you figured it out while I was typing this up. I’ll leave it though, for extra clarification :wink:

a trick I found when adding these releases, I’ll create new recordings and credit the performing artists in the release tracklist, then immediately edit the track artists to be the composer. several release edits are auto-edits within a day or so of adding the release. (I’m not sure if this is also true for beginner editors, but once you’re not, this is the case).

I also err on the side of creating new recordings, as they can always be merged later. if possible, I also add AcoustIDs so they can be identified and merged more easily.