How to add a composer tag to a classical release?

Newbie question:
I’ve recently added this release:

According to the classical style guide the artist of each track is set to the composer “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”
Afterwards I loaded the release information into Picard and tagged my trackfiles.
Unfortnuately Picard didn’t wrote a composer tag, so when I search for Composer “Mozart” in my music library, the release / disk could not be found.
In other releases, e.g. every track has composer tag beneath the recording information.
How can I apply an equivalent composer tag to my above-mentioned release?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to MusicBrainz!

On this release you can see that each track has a “recording of” relation to a MusicBrainz Work, e.g. Work “Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492: Atto I, Scena I. (no. 1) Duetto “Cinque… dieci… Venti… trenta…” (Figaro, Susanna)” - MusicBrainz

The Work is what holds the “composer” relation.

So you should add related works in the relationship editor to have the composer tag added (indirectly) to your release tracks


I added the works for this one :slight_smile: But for future need, do see How to Use the Relationship Editor - MusicBrainz