How to add a book in proper way?

I want to add a book information as an editor.
For example, I want to add a very famous book “Introduction to Algorithms”

    Title of Book: "Introduction to Algorithms"
    Editions available : First(1990), Second(2001), Third(2009)
    Authors: Thomas H. Cormen
                  Charles E. Leiserson
                   Ronald L. Rivest
                   Clifford Stein
    It was edited and produced by The "MIT Press" under 
    a joint production-distribution agreement with the "McGraw-Hill" Book Company. 

Step 1: Create a Publication With with name “Introduction to Algorithms” then select
language and select type: Book.

Step 2: Create Publisher if not available.
( What is the name of the publisher? MIT Press or McGraw-Hill.
How will I know about the type of publisher? publisher or distributor )

Step 3: Then create Edition with available details about the book like release date, format, Page Count extra.
(What is the name of edition? only edition number like First, second, third …
or Title with edition number or something else )

Is it require to create creator?
How do I handle a book with multiple authors?

I will be happy to get my question’s answer.:slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding definitions, this could be helpful.